¿ Flutter o NativeScript ?

¿ Flutter o Nativescript ?
Flutter loves Dart (imagen de Internet, no es mía)
Tu app correr nativamente en la plataforma, compilada Ahead of Time (AOT).
Shells, también ayuda a proveer la comunicación a los IMEs relevantes (ejemplo el teclado) y a los sistemas de los ciclos de eventos de la aplicación.
¿Como trabaja NativeScript ? (imagen obtenida de la documentación oficial).
Fucshia el SO de Google creado a partir de Magento, una distribución de Linux.

Hummingbird takes the Dart code that all Flutter applications are written in and then compiles it to JavaScript, which in turn allows the code to run in any modern browser. Developers have always been able to compile Dart to JavaScript,

NativeScript itself is awesome, but only supports the basics. The plugins can be awesome and support advanced features that the people needs, but the plugins are really really a huge crap shoot. This area could be another thing that differentiates NativeScript from everyone else, especially since you are fending off big players like Facebook and Google. A awesome plugin community with excellent quality and great docs, would be a huge boon for getting more people in the community… Right now, ReactNative has a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH bigger plugin eco-system. And Google is spending money left and right on Flutter… How does NativeScript stay relevant against that?

Anunciado en el Google #io19 (mayo de 2019)
De acuerdo.



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